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Mark your calendars:
Future Cities Canada Summit: Fast Forward 
October 15 – 17, 2020
Evergreen Brick Works

We are at a moment of change. Cities and its residents around the world are facing unprecedented social, environmental and economic challenges. Now is the time for big, bold solutions that will reshape our cities for the better.

The annual Future Cities Canada Summit, led by Evergreen, brings together municipal and community leaders, urban innovators and residents to share ideas that inspire people of all ages to become an agent of change in their cities. 

Join us this year for a three-day Summit that will feature international and national speakers, hands-on break-out sessions and activations across the Brick Works site that will provide the inspiration, optimism and tools needed as we work towards an equitable and sustainable future, together.

Check back soon for early bird tickets and schedule.

For any questions regarding the Future Cities Canada Summit, please email