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Cities are leading the way. We must support their leaders, scale their innovations, and learn from their ideas to build a more inclusive, a more sustainable and a smarter future for our communities — for us all.

The community solutions — built for, by and with communities — need to be shared.

Get access to these ideas, their creators and their lessons learned at Catalyzing Community Solutions: Future Cities Canada Summit 2019. This two-day event translates the hard work being done at the community level into solutions participants can adapt to fit their specific needs and their local issues.

Who is the Summit for?

  • Community leaders and Practitioners leading the charge towards inclusive and flourishing urban futures
  • Industry leaders and Entrepreneurs driving change within new and established private and public companies, subsidiaries, and Crown corporations in sectors that contribute to cities
  • Government and Indigenous Leaders of all levels from across Canada
  • Research Organizations, Academic Institutions, and Think Tanks working at the intersection of cities, policy, community and innovation
  • Smart Cities Challenge Finalists and their Partners participating in the challenge as technologists, planners or community engagement specialists
  • Leadership Investors leading the charge towards inclusive and flourishing urban futures
  • Network Conveners and their Members operating in urban spaces with mandates to create green, livable, and prosperous cities

What topics will be covered?

Collaborate with the leaders on topics including:

  • Open Data & Technology
  • Smart Cities
  • Capital & Civic Innovation
  • Resilience Planning
  • Mobility
  • Affordable Housing
  • Participatory City Building
  • Indigenous Placemaking
  • Youth Engagement
  • Low-Carbon Infrastructure
  • Cross-Sector Collaboration
  • Disaster Management

Advisory Committee

More than 20 top leaders in inclusive city building help shape the Future Cities Canada Summit annually. We are excited to have such innovators from across sectors on board! Get to know them here.

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For any questions regarding the Future Cities Canada Summit, please email