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Summit 2019


Let’s explore the community solutions helping make our cities better places to live, work, play and thrive. Join international and national leaders in city building and innovation at the 2019 Future Cities Canada Summit.

Headshot of Gabriella Gomez-Mont

Gabriella Gomez-Mont, Founder of Laboratorio para la Ciudad

Gabriella Gomez-Mont was the founder of Laboratorio para la Ciudad (2013 - 2018), the award-winning experimental arm of the Mexico City government. She now directs Experimentalista, a new type of nomadic and creative office that specializes in cities and constantly shifts shape to accommodate high-level, transdisciplinary collaborations across the world.

Gomez-Mont holds fellowships at several institutions such as MIT and Yale, and is a Fabrica Alumni and a World Cities Summit Young Leader. She has lectured and given talks at Harvard, The Obama Foundation Inaugural Summit, The Atlantic ́s + Bloomberg ́s CityLab, and the Rockefellar Foundation, among others.

A journalist, visual artist, and director of documentary films, as well as a creative advisor to several cities, universities and companies, Gomez-Mont has received international recognition including first prize in the Audi Urban Future Award, the Best Art Practice Award given by the Italian government, and the TED City 2.0 Prize.

Named one of the 100 most creative people in business by Fast Company magazine, she is now working on a book called The Experimentalists: Cities, Political Imagination and Social Creativity.

Headshot of Bruce Katz

Bruce Katz

Bruce Katz is the Founding Director of the Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Previously he served as inaugural Centennial Scholar at Brookings Institution and as vice president and director of Brooking’s Metropolitan Policy Program for 20 years. He is a member of the RSA City Growth Commission in the United Kingdom and a Visiting Professor in Practice at London School of Economics. Katz previously served as chief of staff to the secretary of Housing and Urban Development and staff director of the Senate Subcommittee on Housing and Urban Affairs. Katz co-led the Obama administration’s housing and urban transition team. He is coauthor of The Metropolitan Revolution and The New Localism: How Cities Can Thrive in the Age of Populism, editor or coeditor of several books on urban and metropolitan issues, and a frequent media commentator.


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