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Let’s explore the community solutions helping make our cities better places to live, work, play and thrive. Join international and national leaders in city building and innovation at the 2019 Future Cities Canada Summit.

Les séances et les ateliers offerts dans le cadre du Sommet seront principalement en anglais, avec quelques opportunités offertes en français. Ces activités en français seront dénotées dans le programme lorsque plus de détails seront confirmés. Les conférenciers qui parlent français seront dénotés avec un astérisque.

Keynote Speakers

Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Founder, Mexico City’s Laboratorio para la Ciudad, Experimentalista & The Urban Taskforce

Gabriella Gómez-Mont was the founder of Laboratorio para la Ciudad, the award-winning experimental arm of the Mexico City government. She now directs Experimentalista, a new type of nomadic and creative office that specializes in cities and constantly shifts shape to accommodate high-level, transdisciplinary collaborations across the world.


Bruce Katz, Founding Director, Nowak Metro Finance Lab, Drexel University

Bruce Katz is the Founding Director of the Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Previously he served as inaugural Centennial Scholar at Brookings Institution and as vice president and director of Brooking’s Metropolitan Policy Program for 20 years.


Les séances et les ateliers offerts dans le cadre du Sommet seront principalement en anglais, avec quelques opportunités offertes en français. Ces activités en français seront dénotés dans le programme lorsque plus de détails seront confirmés. Les conférenciers qui parlent français seront dénotés avec une astérisque.


Kluane Adamek headshot

Yukon Regional Chief Kluane Adamek

Drew Adams headshot

Drew Adams, Associate, LGA Architectural Partners

Nabeel Ahmed headshot

Nabeel Ahmed, Programme Officer, One-to-One Advisory Services

Vidhya Alakeson updated headshot

Vidhya Alakeson*, Chief Executive of Power to Change

Mayor Dave Aker headshot

Mayor Dave Aker, City of Mount Pearl

Aaron Aubin headshot

Aaron Aubin, President and Founder, Aubin Consulting

Marie-Sophie Banville

Marie-Sophie Banville, Dark Matter Labs

Jon Beale headshot

Jon Beale, Manager, Sustainable Development Solutions Network Canada

JP Bervoets headshot

JP Bervoets, Vice President, Community Foundations of Canada

Andy Best headshot

Andy Best, Executive Director, Open City Network

Jan Bradley, Director and Chief Information Technology Officer, City of Calgary

Jeb Brugman headshot

Jeb Brugmann, Principal, Resilient Cities Catalyst

Robin Buxton Potts headshot

Robin Buxton Potts, Communications, Government Relations and Public Affairs

Heidi Campbell headshot

Heidi Campbell, Senior Design Lead, Evergreen

Geoff Cape headshot

Geoff Cape, Chief Executive Officer, Evergreen

white square

Cricket Cheng, Student and Climate Justice Organizer

Tanya Chung-Tiam-Fook, Senior Lead of Indigenous Engagement, Evergreen

Irène Cloutier headshot

Irène Cloutier, Conseillère, Bureau de la transition écologique et de la résilience, Ville de Montréal

Ken Coates

Ken Coates, Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation

Alexandra Codispodi headshot

Alexandra Codispodi, Specialist, Analytics and Corporate Reporting, City of London

Carol Colletta headshot

Carol Coletta, President & CEO, Memphis River Parks Partnership

Ashlee Cooper headshot

Ashlee Cooper, Programming Manager, Evergreen

Kristen Currie headshot

Kristen Currie, Information Security Advisor, City of Calgary

Peter Demakos headshot

Peter Demakos, Program Coordinator, Outdoor Learning and Play, Evergreen

Karen Deng headshot

Karen Deng, Senior Manager, Community Partnerships, Interac Corp

Adil Dhalla, Civic Entrepreneur & Community Organizer

Simran Dhunna headshot

Simran Dhunna, Labour and Climate Justice Organizer

Zahra Ebrahim headshot

Zahra Ebrahim, Urbanist and Executive Advisor

Duane Elverum headshot

Duane Elverum, Executive Director and Co-Founder, City Studio

Oscar Epinosa headshot

Oscar Espinosa, Senior Program Manager, OpenNorth

Pierre-Antoinne Ferron headshot

Pierre-Antoine Ferron, Senior Policy Advisor

David Fewer headshot

David Fewer, General Counsel, CIPPIC

anthea foyer headshot

Anthea Foyer, Project Lead, SMRTCTY Mississauga

Nadia Galati Headshot

Nadia Galati, Urban Planner and Designer

Paula Gallo headshot

Paula Gallo, Programming Manager, Evergreen

Ashley Good headshot

Ashley Good, CEO and Founder, Fail Forward

Stéphane Guidoin headshot

Stéphane Guidoin*, Director, Urban innovation lab, Ville de Montréal

Laurie Guthrie headshot

Laurie Guthrie, Economic Development Specialist / Smart City Project Manager, City of Fredericton

Terry Gray headshot

Terry Gray, Executive Director, Impact Bridges Group

Chris Green headshot

Chris Green, Manager of Economic Partnerships, City Planning, City of London

Shannon Hardin headshot

City Council President Shannon G. Hardin, City of Columbus

James Hardy headshot

James Hardy, Deputy Mayor & Chief of Staff, City of Akron

Lisa Helps headshot

Mayor Lisa Helps, City of Victoria

Sebastian Herrador-Guzman headshot

Sebastian Herrador-Guzman, Economist

Stephen Huddart headshot

Stephen Huddart*, President & CEO, The McConnell Foundation

Ewa Jackson headshot

Ewa Jackson, Managing Director, ICLEI Canada

Seema Jethalal headshot

Seema Jethalal

Indy Johar headshot

Indy Johar, Co-Founder, 00

Stefan Jungcurt, Lead, SDG Indicators and Data, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Lindy Kinoshameg headshot

Lindy Kinoshameg, Community Engagement Facilitator, Young People's Theatre

Eric Klaver headshot

Eric Klaver, Lead Landscape Architect, PLANT Architect inc.

jerry Koh headshot

Jerry Koh, Director of Systems Innovation, MaRS Solutions Lab

Jean-Noe Landry Headshot

Jean-Noé Landry*, Executive Director, OpenNorth

Morgan Lay headshot

Morgan Lay, Senior Policy Advisor, CIHR Institute of Population and Public Health

Cornelia Le headshot

Cornelia Le, Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Jarret Leaman Headshot

Jarret Leaman, Founder of the Centre for Indigenous Innovation and Technology

Janna Levitt headshot

Janna Levitt, Co-Founder, LGA Architectural Partners

Carly Livingstone headshot

Carly Livingstone, Senior Program Manager of the Community Solutions Network, Evergreen

John Lorinc headshot

John Lorinc, Journalist, Author & Editor

Aimee Louw headshot

Aimee Louw M.A.*, Writer and Journalist

Sara Lyons headshot

Sara Lyons, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives for Community Foundations of Canada

Chris Makris headshot

Chris Makris, Sr. Associate, Urban Innovation, MaRS Solutions Lab

Bridget Marquis, Director, Civic Commons Learning Network

Kate Martin headshot

Kate Martin, Deputy City Clerk, Access and Privacy, City of Calgary

Christine Martin headshot

Christine Martin, Senior Lead, Evergreen

Dave Meslin headshot

Dave Meslin, Activist and Author

Raktim Mitra headshot

Raktim Mitra, Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University

Anastasia Mourogova Millin headshot

Anastasia Mourogova Millin, Senior Development Manager, Solutions Finance Team, The McConnell Foundation

Mazyar Mortazavi Headshot

Mazyar Mortazavi, President & CEO, TAS

Yasir Naqvi headshot

Yasir Naqvi, Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Canadian Citizenship

Malgorzata Nowacka-May headshot

Malgorzata Nowacka-Ma, Artistic Director, Chimera Project

Ryan Oliver headshot

Ryan Oliver, Executive Director, Pinnguaq Association

Corey Pembleton headshot

Corey Pembleton, Open Smart Cities Advisory Service - Program Officer, OpenNorth

Robert Plitt headshot

Robert Plitt, Executive Lead, Evergreen

Ana Teresa Portillo headshot

Ana Teresa Portillo, Community Organizer, Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust

Lisa Rapoport headshot

Lisa Rapoport, Co-founder, PLANT Architect Inc.

Duke Redbird headshot

Dr. Duke Redbird, Curator/Advisor, Indigenous Art & Culture, Toronto District School Board

William Rees headshot

William Rees, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia’s School of Community and Regional Planning

Kyoshi Robson headshot

Kiyoshi Robson, Leader, Innovation, Intellectual Property and Data Access, The City of Calgary

Diane Roussin headshot

Diane Roussin, Project Director, The Winnipeg Boldness Project

Matt Ross headshot

Matt Ross, Manager of Analytics in IT, City of London

Heather Russek headshot

Heather Russek, Innovation Facilitator

Lyna Saad headshot

Lyna Saad, Senior Lead, Strategic Initiatives, Evergreen

Anant Saini headshot

Anant Saini, Program Manager, Evergreen

Mia Sanders headshot

Mia Sanders, Student, Artist & Activist

Orit Sarfaty headshot

Orit Sarfaty, Chief Program Officer, Evergreen

Rodney Small headshot

Rodney Small, Director, One North End Community Economic Development Society

Shauna Sylvester headshot

Shauna Sylvester, Executive Director of Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue

Barbara Swartzentruber headshot

Barbara Swartzentruber, Executive Director of the Smart Cities Office at the City of Guelph

Taha Tabish headshot

Taha Tabish, Health Technology Innovations Research Coordinator, Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre

Joshua M. Taron headshot

Joshua M. Taron, SAPL Associate Dean Research + Innovation, University of Calgary

Jessica Thorton headshot

Jessica Thornton, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Evergreen

Sara Udow headshot

Sara Udow, Urban and Cultural Planner

Leon de Vreede headshot

Leon de Vreede, Sustainability Planner, Town of Bridgewater

Gaynor Watson headshot

Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed, Public Health Physician

Ayana Webb headshot

Ayana Webb, Program Manager, Evergreen

Gary Wilson headshot

Gary Wilson, Planning, Policy and Special Projects Coordinator

Julie Wright headshot

Julie Wright, Executive Director, Waterloo Global Science Initiative

Kristyn Wong-Tam Headshot

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, City of Toronto

Many more to come, check back often for updates!

For any questions regarding the Future Cities Canada Summit, please email