October 22, 2020

A New Foundation: A Backgrounder on the Future of Housing in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area

Evergreen & MOWAT

The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area's (GTHA) housing system is increasingly failing to serve the region's needs. Trends in land use and built form have encouraged inefficient sprawling development and energy-inefficient construction that is ecologically unsustainable and costly for municipalities, landlords and residents alike.

Rising income inequality, soaring housing costs and the shortage of new affordable housing (especially rental) have all resulted in an affordability crisis for many low- and middle-income households while environmental pressures persist.

In response to this, Evergreen CityWorks and its partners are initiating a multi-year project to examine our system with the goal of identifying and advancing scalable solutions that can help to overcome these threats. This brief is the first step in that conversation. Its purpose is not to identify solutions, but to provide context and background and to begin to build a shared understanding of the core elements of our housing system, to understand what factors produced these threats and identify our underlying assumptions about our housing system

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