October 14, 2022

Accessible Public Spaces for All: A Practitioner’s Toolkit

Cover Toolkit Accessible Public Space for All

By Evergreen

for the Community Solutions Network

The second in a suite of toolkits under the theme of Reimagining Public Spaces

The Accessible Public Spaces for All toolkit is designed to support you and your team in understanding the elements of inclusive public spaces to better equip you to champion effective inclusion strategies in your project. It builds a foundation for prioritizing the engagement of people with disabilities in your processes which will inform designs to better meet the needs of diverse people.

Finally, it helps you to explore various elements of public space design, with innovative and smart solutions for accessibility, including data and connected technologies. By using this toolkit, your community has the opportunity to move forward with confidence to tackle inequities for people with disabilities, and to create public spaces for all of us. The toolkit includes easy-to-understand tools for you to work through and take action on as you work towards inclusive public spaces where all will feel welcome.

These tools cover three main themes:

1. Introduction to Inclusion

2. Engaging People with Disabilities

3. Inclusive Innovation for Public Spaces

“A well-designed public space brings all people together and plays an integral role in shaping a city. Public spaces are designed for people, and it’s the people in public spaces that bring them to life.”

Rick Hansen Foundation

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