April 30, 2020

Advancing Community Resilience through Smart Approaches: A Resource for Canadian Communities

boats on water with city buildings in background

ICLEI Canada

The Toolkit is an outcome of the lessons learned by Canadian communities that attended the British Columbia Idea Camp in Victoria, British Columbia, on October 30, 2019

Now, perhaps more than ever, Canadian communities are being both encouraged (by, for example, the Smart Cities Challenge) and required (due to climate change, urbanization, and other emerging trends threatening to disrupt daily life) to find innovative solutions to the challenges facing their communities. The growing prevalence of smart cities reflects this shift. While commonly understood as one that uses data and connected technology to accelerate innovation within local communities, we approach smart cities through a newer concept, called the Open Smart Community.

Climate change impacts are being felt across Canada in significant ways. With observed increases in average tempe...

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