November 18, 2022

Building for the Future: Innovative Construction for Housing Affordability

By Evergreen

Housing Supply Challenge, Building for the Future Round Event: ’Innovation and Affordability: Funding Opportunity for the Future of Housing’.

On October 28, 2022, Angela Schleifhauf, Senior Analyst, Policy and Innovation at the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) presented the fourth round of the CMHC’s Housing Supply Challenge: Building for the Future.

Round 4, Building for the future, focuses on Innovative Construction for Housing Affordability. This round will offer funding for innovative construction processes, techniques, systems, or materials to increase the supply of housing that is affordable, climate compatible and meets people’s needs.

During the event’s ‘Questions & Answers’ segment, Angela was joined by Katharine Van der Veen, Senior Bilingual Program Officer at Evergreen’s Housing Supply Challenge Support Program.

You can watch the recording below to find out how you can receive funding for your next innovative project!

00:00:00 – Introduction  

00:04:04 – Presentation on the Housing Supply Challenge – Building for the Future: Innovative Construction for Housing Affordability Round 

00:38:10 – Q&A Segment 

00:54:14 – Wrap up 

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