February 15, 2023

Don Logan

Owner at Logan & Associates. Indigenous Community and Economic Development; Capacity building; Cross-culture development; Renewable energy.

Don Logan is a Metis businessman with background in project management and advisory services. He is a spirited believer in people-centered development initiatives and that the community knows best what they can and cannot do with available resources. 

Don specializes in Indigenous community & economic involvement centered on local development, entrepreneurialism, employment activism, capacity building, skill training, and cross cultural development.  

Having lived on Reserve in Manitoba in 1974, Don became personally moved and motivated to devote a lifetime to improving Native community conditions through economic, employment, and educational/social development. He is a long time member of the Metis Nation of Alberta. 

As a Northern Project officer from 1976 to 1980, for the Canada Employment and Immigration Commission, Don became involved in many communities through sustainable job creation programs. Many of these projects entailed housing and local skill development. From 1980 to 1989, Don was the economic development advisor, then creator and Manager of the Yellowhead Tribal Development Corporation. 

Don provides consulting to Band Councils and Aboriginal Capital Corporations in pursuing various projects and to building bridges between industry, government, and Indigenous communities.  

Most recently, Don served as VP, Business Development for Lancaster Energy Group Corp in Alberta since 2016. The company pioneered hydraulic repowering technology to replace traditional mechanical wind tower gear box systems for producing electricity. 

For his personal pursuit, Don has been a proprietor for 40 years by investing in and improving real estate for eventual resale. This has provided him with a knowledge of financing, renovations, sourcing, trades skills, property management, and tenant issues. 

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