March 3, 2023

Dwight B.O.J. Beardy

Founder of Mighty River Enterprise. Remediation; Housing solutions; Operations & maintenance.

Dwight Beardy has been working on remediation, prevention, risk-based, and condition-based maintenance for over 10 years.  

He is president and co-founder of Mighty River Enterprise (MRE). MRE is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting healthy living and community involvement through recreation and supporting innovative housing solutions through community and resource development. In his role as a tribal housing advisor, he honed his process development and quality control skills and acted as a liaison between the KTC community-level community in the Manitoba region and Indigenous Services of Canada (ISC). Manitoba region Represent KTC as a member of the Manitoba Indigenous Housing Capacity Enhancement Mobilization Initiative (MBIHCEMI) as a highly experienced operation and maintenance supervisor he achieved the responsibility values award out of 500,000 employees in 2014 with EDD compass group of Canada. 

 “Everyone deserves a healthy home, for better days for a better tomorrow.” 

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