February 15, 2023

Evan Reidel

Design & Construction Change Management at Slate Technologies. Construction; Engineering; Efficiency and sustainability; Mass timber.

Evan Reidel has spent his entire career focused on how to make the delivery of buildings more efficient and sustainable. Having spent several years managing the construction of high-rise residential buildings in Toronto, Evan learned the ins-and-outs of how construction projects are delivered with current technologies in major urban centers. In his pursuit of a better way to deliver projects efficiently and sustainably, Evan studied best practices and current approaches throughout his Dual Master in Civil Engineering and M.B.A.  

His thesis contributed to the Master Innovation and Development Plan, a proposal by Sidewalk Toronto, which set forth a plan to deliver the largest Mass Timber district in the world supplied entirely by efficient and automated offsite factory methods.  

Evan brings deep and actionable knowledge and expertise in the emerging construction manufacturing sector, acquired as a founder of Canopy, an off-site timber fabrication company born out of Sidewalk Labs (an Alphabet company) offering end-to-end services to deliver mass-timber buildings. With a rare and holistic expertise, Evan is perfectly positioned to introduce the cutting-edge technologies and systems to address the industry’s immense challenges. 

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