January 6, 2022

Future City Builders: Urban Action Pitch Night in Edmonton

By Evergreen

Watch each pitch video and see which team won

On December 8, 2021 four teams of future city builders from the Edmonton area went head-to-head pitching their solution for a healthier city to a panel of judges.

FCB Edmonton Team 1 Pitch (Ôcênâs) – Video

FCB Edmonton Team 2 Pitch (YEG Food Connections) – Video

FCB Edmonton Team 3 Pitch (Third Place) – Video

FCB Edmonton Team 4 Pitch (Top Up) – Video

Congratulations to Team 1 for the winning presentation and for receiving $5,000 in seed funding to further develop their project!

Watch the entire session below, featuring all participants in the Edmonton cohort, judges and our fantastic program coordinator/hosts of the evening!

Future City Builders brings together youth to create and launch innovative ideas for Canadian cities.

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