December 2, 2020

Getting Started with Community Broadband

A cartoon city with icons floating above it representing many different services provided by the internet, including; housing, security, work, healthcare, socialising, food, production, business, electricity, and transportation.

By Evergreen

A practical guide for small communities to increase their internet connectivity.

The first installment in a suite of toolkits designed to support small communities across Canada for whom community broadband may be a good option for improving connectivity.

Your community is excited about moving forward with community broadband and all that it offers. Figuring out how to start is another story. Adding or expanding connectivity for your community can be an inspiring, but sometimes intimidating prospect, and understanding your starting point and where to focus are vital elements for a successful initiative. And of course, understanding what broadband is all about will help you and your community make the best decisions for your connected future.

The G...

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