February 22, 2023

Glen Sibbeston

Principal, Mechanical Engineer at Trapline Engineering Ltd. Mechanical engineering.

Glen Sibbeston is a committed northerner with roots in the Métis community of the Northwest Territories. Glen designs building services like HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, automation and control systems, as well as industrial facilities like fuel storage and power generating plants. This requires a good understand of building codes and standards, materials selection and energy efficiency. He must consider the properties of various materials to make sure the most suitable and costeffective products are selected for each job. He designs specifications and drawings for mechanical systems using tools such as CAD software. Every design must take into account cold weather and remote location logistics typical of Northern Canada. He is responsible for overseeing the construction and installation of mechanical systems to ensure that they are built to the specified standards and regulations. In addition to this, he may provide construction administration and consultation services, where he would advise the owner on best practices and help them manage the construction process. Project management is an essential component of Glen’s job. He must be able to effectively manage multi-disciplinary projects and coordinate the efforts of several engineering disciplines. This includes budgeting, cost estimation, scheduling, quality assurance, and risk management. 

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