January 10, 2022

Housing Supply Challenge Support Program – Stage 2 Budget template

by Evergreen

To support your Stage 2 application that’s due on June 15, 2022 at 2 p.m. EST, CMHC has developed a budget template.

The template is intended to be guidance, to provide a consistent format for submission and provide a baseline of the level of expected detail from CMHC.

Download the budget template here.

Watch a short tutorial on the template here:

A transcript of the video can be downloaded here.

You can access the workplan template here.

Note that the templates is not locked. You can modify them as needed for your project. Please double check the totals and timelines before submission.

The templates are also available in the Impact Canada portal. Access the Impact Canada portal here (note: CMHC has provided you with login information).

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