December 12, 2020

Lessons Learned with Sidewalk Labs


This session was presented as part of Future Cities Canada: #UnexpectedSolutions.

Steve Diamond, Chair, Waterfront Toronto, and CEO, Diamondcorp; Jim Balsillie, Former co-CEO, Research In Motion; Francesca Bria, President, Italian National Innovation Fund; and Geoff Cape, CEO, Evergreen

In May 2020, Sidewalk Labs withdrew from Toronto’s Waterfront project, wrapping up a three-year saga that saw Torontonians come face to face with the promise, and perils, associated with the encroachment of big tech in private life. The expansion of big tech companies into cities has been rife with division. How can we balance the needs of people with innovation and the broader agenda of economic development? Watch the Chair of Waterfront Toronto, Steve Diamon...

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