September 27, 2023

Linda Weichel

Principal, Weichel Consulting, Impact Advisory Services | Location: Ontario

I am excited to bring real estate developers a way to contribute positive impact through land development. My offering: to work with teams to bring prosperity to residents, workers, businesses, and neighbourhoods through inclusive, sustainable, resilient, transit-oriented real estate development while generating a profitable return and outcomes for my clients.  
I am a relationship- and bridge-building mobilizer after spending a decade engaging senior business executives and community and political leaders with premier civic activation organization CivicAction to drive positive change. The city-building issues we advanced included commercial office energy reduction, transit funding, housing affordability, and Human Resources practices in inclusive hiring and mental well-being.   
I leverage this work to advise on multi-faceted urban development initiatives that benefit from a shared mission, multi-sector collaboration, and a commitment to diversity, equity, reconciliation, and belonging. I amplify this impact through my experience at PR firm Media Profile with private, public, and not for profit clients to build profile, credibility, and support for their missions with buyers, investors, employees, residents, and donors. 

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