August 26, 2022

Meet the Housing Supply Challenge Support Program Team

By Evergreen

The team is here to offer shorlisted applicants support as they advance their housing supply solutions.

Matthew Carreau (he/him)
Senior Program Officer

Matthew is a Senior Program Officer on the team. He has a background in design thinking and community engagement. He is passionate about using design as a collaborative tool to bring people together to explore issues in a holistic way and generate creative ideas. Matthew has lived in Whitehorse and Winnipeg and is currently living in Tkaronto on Treaty 13 territory. 

Lorraine Hopkins (she/elle) 

Bilingual Program Officer 

Lorraine has worked in diverse sectors, from arts and culture and government to tourism and translation. A common thread throughout her experience is her joy in and talent for connecting with people – whether in English, French or Spanish. Lorraine is an advocate for humanizing places and is excited to work with Housing Supply Challenge applicants and contribute to creating more affordable housing in Canada. 

Emilie Lesage (she/elle) 

Program Manager 

Emilie is a bilingual Program Manager on the Support Program team. She holds a Bachelor of International Development and Indigenous Studies. Emilie’s background in the non-profit sector has allowed her to work with communities to co-create and deliver responsive and adaptable youth and land-based programs. She is passionate about the profound impact housing can have on community health and well-being. Emilie currently resides on Treaty 16 territory, just north of Barrie, ON. 

Miles River

Program Coordinator 

Miles is a Program Coordinator on the team. He has a B.A. in art history and anthropology, as well as a certificate in management. Miles has a background in strengthening community capacity, leading community gardens, and coordinating workshops focused on knowledge transfer. Community centered programming is a priority in every aspect of his work and he welcomes on-going feedback while organizing programming. 

Kim Trottier-Le Bossé 

Bilingual Program Officer 

Kim is a bilingual program officer on the Support Program team. She holds a Master of Research in social psychology and a bachelor’s degree in political sciences. She is passionate about new ideas and community-led social change. She is excited to work directly with innovators as part of the Housing Supply Challenge Support Program and to support them in their effort to make an impact.  

Katharine Van der Veen

Senior Bilingual Program Officer  

Katharine is a Senior Bilingual Program Officer on the team. She comes from a background of working in the non-profit sector and is passionate about delivering high-quality programming that has a lasting impact. Katharine is eager to answer your questions and support you in accessing the resources you need to develop your solution. 

Bhani Wadhwa (she/elle) 

Program Officer 

Bhani is a Program Officer on the Support Program team. She holds a Master of Science in sustainability and environmental policy with an undergraduate in Political Science. Bhani’s background is in community advocacy and political organizing in the public sector. She is passionate about creating synergy by helping others to bridge gaps and build connections across networks and looks forward to supporting teams. 

Amna Usman 

Communications Specialist 

Amna is the Communications Specialist on the Support Program team. She holds a Master of Art in Media Practice for Development and Social Change. She is passionate about content production and advocacy. Amna has worked across Asia and the Pacific and is a recent immigrant in Canada from Pakistan. She is excited to work support innovation while simultaneously learning about her new home! 

Brianna Cuzzolino
Program Officer

Brianna is a Program Officer on the team. She has a strong background in capacity building, training, and mentoring. She is passionate about creating inclusive spaces that support community-led solutions. Brianna grew up and continues to live on Treaty 13 territory and is grateful to call Tkaronto home.

Travis Erickson
Program Coordinator

Travis is a Program Coordinator on the team. His background includes working in private and public spheres of non-profits, start-ups, and municipalities. Travis holds a Bachelor of Industrial Design specialized in Social Sciences alongside a Certificate in Sustainability and is passionate about research and development to improve accessibility in communities. He will be working to support your Orientation Session, Applicant Support Check-ins, and Design Thinking Workshop.

Jessica Miranda
Program Officer

Jessica is a Program Coordinator on the Support Program team. Jessica holds a bachelor’s in Environmental Design – Landscape + Urbanism and loves learning more about city building and community engagement. She looks forward to supporting applicants through the Peer Learning Sessions and Design Thinking workshop activities.

Nameeka Talpur
Program Coordinator 

Nameeka is a Program Coordinator on the Support Program teamShe holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and Global Health. She is passionate about creating sustainable cities that prioritize the health and wellbeing of those who live there. Nameeka is excited to be supporting applicants throughout Stage 2 to develop their solutions.

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