December 3, 2019

On the way to the smart city

Union des Municipalites du Quebec

A smart city self assessment tool to measure progress in becoming a smart city.

The UMQ and CEFRIO have developed this site to help elected officials and municipal leaders get into action. It gathers information on smart cities, examples of municipal projects and offers a self-diagnosis tool that allows member municipalities of the UMQ to obtain customized advice to evolve as a smart city.

There are six dimensions of action to become a smarter city: economy, environment, governance, lifestyle, mobility and communities. These are all dimensions on which it is possible to act in order to evolve as a smart city. A municipality may choose to focus on a limited number of dimensions or set up a more global strategy where several dimensions are developed in a complementary way. There is not one model that fits all but the tools available can allow the best adaptation to local issues.

The smart city self-diagnosis is a free tool available to member municipalities of the UMQ and it is possible to contact the UMQ to get more information if you are not a member.


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