December 12, 2022

Placekeeping: Home is More Than Four Walls

By Evergreen

Conversation exploring the challenges and ideas about our future homes.

This session, moderated by Lois Lindsay, Chief Program Officer at Evergreen, discusses challenges and explores ideas about what our future homes could look like. Without community and amenities, a house is just a structure. To cultivate a true sense of home, we must also consider what surrounds it – community, green space, services, and transit, to name a few things. Panelists share their perspectives on how to build community grounded in respect for the environment by using locally sourced materials, learning from traditional knowledge while leveraging green tech, prioritizing the voices of Indigenous communities and strengthening the sense of belonging.

Speakers and moderator:

  • Sheila Boudreau, Principal, Senior Landscape Architect + Planner, SpruceLab
  • Cheryll Case, Executive Director, CP Planning
  • Nadina Galle, Founder of the Internet of Nature
  • Lois Lindsay, Chief Program Officer, Evergreen (moderator)
  • Jamie Miller, Director of Biomimicry B+H Architects, President Biomimicry Frontiers, Founder Biomimicry Commons

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