October 22, 2020

Purpose-Built Rental Housing in Canada

Ryserson University School of Urban and Regional Planning

The Creating New Affordable Rental Housing project aims to launch new public private partnerships and further engage the private sector in the creation of affordable rental housing across the Greater Toronto Area

The housing market is a cornerstone of a strong economy and healthy communities. With a region primarily focused on encouraging the development of homeownership and affordable housing, it is easy to overlook the important role Market Purpose Built Rental Housing (MPBRH) has on the housing market. MPBRH addresses the need for adequate housing, stability, mobility, and caters to all demographic profiles.

Drawing on existing incentives from Halton, Peel, York, Durham and the City of Toronto—the five regions that comprise the GTA— the following study aims to identify how the use of economic incentives can encourage the MPBRH stock. This report provides a snapshot of the market conditions in the GTA that demonstrates there is a significant shortage of MPBRH across the region.

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