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September 7, 2023

Sustaining Long-term Project Success Workshop

Learn from experts on how to strengthen your project’s long-term viability!

Do you need help developing your sustainable implementation plan for your Stage 2 Application? Are you thinking about the long-term success of your project and coming up against roadblocks? Join us September 13 for the Sustaining Long-term Project Success Workshop!
This workshop will be hosted by Evergreen’s Special Housing Advisor, Sean Gadon, where he will be accompanied by experts with deep knowledge in various areas of housing construction innovation. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn from these experts as they share their experience in the industry, hear from other shortlisted applicants about similar challenges they may be up against and identify strategies for developing sustainable implementation plans for your Stage 2 Application.  Check out below to learn more about our experts!
Register for the Sustaining Long-term Project Success Workshop here!
Check out our Workshop experts below!
Curtis Whiley – Manager, Land Titles Initiative for Government of Nova Scotia
Peter Zimmerman – Senior Director, Development for Toronto Community Housing

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