March 1, 2023

Technology-Based Solutions for Resilience: A Practitioner’s Toolkit

Toolkit Cover page - Technology Based Solutions for Resilience

By Evergreen

for the Community Solutions Network

The third in a suite of toolkits under the theme of Reimagining Public Spaces

The Technology-Based Solutions for Resilience toolkit is designed to support you and your team in charting a pathway towards greater resilience through your public spaces, leveraging technology to help you understand your local risks and respond to them. It can help you to better plan and invest where you need it, using innovative tools, to keep your community safer and healthier for the future, and more resilient to “weather the storms”.

The toolkit includes easy-to-understand tools for you to work through and take action on as you work towards more resilient public spaces where all will feel welcome. These tools cover three main themes:

1. Planning for Climate Resilience

2. Understanding Your Risks

3. Action for Mitigation and Adaptation

The Reimagining Public Spaces toolkits are intended to help communities move forward in some key aspects around public spaces, and to realize the benefits. This toolkit, first in a suite of four, provides a simple starting point for communities to explore innovative approaches for public spaces, to accelerate their potential to meet the unique challenges of their own context, and to better address the diverse needs of all.

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