October 7, 2022

Future Fix: Experiments in Mobility

Future Fix podcast

produced by Spacing Radio and Evergreen

We're back with Season 3 of the podcast the Future Fix: Solutions for Communities Across Canada

Illustration of shared mobility from Transport EnvironmentIt can be hard to convince governments at any level to invest in a new idea. This is especially true with transportation, where breaking away from the status quo can sometimes seem an impossible dream. But when opportunity to explore potential new ways of moving people is granted, on a small scale, and for a brief period of time, that allows us to experiment — to see what works, and what’s worth investing in more generally.

Camile Machado is project manager for New Mobility at TransLink, Metro Vancouver’s transit network. She tells us about a range of pilot projects and research being done to find new tech and data-driven ways to solve transit issues and improve service.

“The mobility ecosystem is changing really fast, with all these trends of shared mobility, autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification — they’re all changing the landscape. So, in response to that, TransLink created what we call TransLink Tomorrow, which is this strategy to really try out all this new technology, all these new concepts.”

(Transcription available below)

Listen to the episode to hear more about TransLink’s New Mobility projects:

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The Future Fix: Experiments in Mobility


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