Remote Resourcefulness

Artistic illustration of a remote northern community connected by paths from house to house. Features dark blue background and silhouettes of trees and lakes.

A collection of tools and resources showcasing best practices and community solutions in Northern, Indigenous and rural communities

There’s a lot to love about living in remote or Northern places. Access to nature, wildlife, and lakes. Ancestral home. Farmland and familiar faces. Big skies.

Over 10 million Canadians live in rural communities, and their experiences vary greatly based on location, local governance, and proximity to urban centres. However, there are common challenges: aging infrastructure, housing shortages, youth retention and climate change impacts to name just a few. In Northern Indigenous communities, food security, food sovereignty and digital connectivity are also of great importance. 

When it comes to addressing the challenges, the best ideas usually come from within the community and are supported by locals. Local innovation can solve problems, and solutions can be replicated.