Future City Builders

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The Future City Builders program offers the chance to work in a team of your peers to design and pilot a concrete solution to address challenges in your city.

The challenges we are all facing are numerous, and finding innovative solutions is needed more now than ever before. More than 82% of Canadians are currently living in cities, and this number is only going to grow. Now is the time to work together to build a healthier city, and in the process create actionable projects and tools that can support other young people across Canada to build better cities and communities. The second city featured in this cohort is Winnipeg.

Evergreen is committed to collaborating with young people to tackle the big challenges, and equip them with the skills and confidence to explore how to dig deep into the topics that are front of mind in our cities right now. We have worked with over 250 young people over the last two years to pitch 50 projects across Canada and pilot 25 new solutions, addressing gaps in education and support, combatting food security issues through building apartment balcony vegetable boxes, and building youth community councils to give youth more powerful voices in their communities.

Watch videos of the cohort’s pitch nights and winning solutions:

Future City Builders is presented  by  Evergreen and generously funded by RBC Foundation. Future City Builders is a project funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre.

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