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The TD Future Cities Centre
Ben Rahn/A-Frame


Hubs build local capacity by providing a platform for learning and collaboration, promoting civic participation in the city building process.

Acting as civic incubators for emerging needs, opportunities and trends, hubs enable inclusive urban innovation by acting as a common ground for residents, organizations and decision makers to meet, discuss and learn together.

Future Cities Canada is building a network of hubs by connecting both new and existing hubs to accelerate innovation in order to create more equitable, regenerative and prosperous cities for all.

Two flagship hubs will anchor our hub network across the country: the TD Future Cities Centre at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto and Ville d’Avenir at Maison d’innovation sociale in Montreal.

TD Future Cities Centre

The TD Future Cities Centre is a dynamic year-round space at Evergreen Brick Works to showcase and celebrate ideas and solutions on thriving and sustainable cities from across Canada and the world.

Host to exhibits and events such as the Future Cities Canada Summit, the TD Future Cities Centre is where urban thought leaders and city builders can gather, co-create, test and prototype solutions for building inclusive low-carbon cities of the future.

This redeveloped kiln building, the largest historic building at Evergreen Brick Works, is a shining example of both adaptive reuse and low-carbon construction.  Learn more about the Centre. 

a. TD Future Cities Speaker Series

The TD Future Cities Speaker Series presents ideas from some of the world’s leading minds in urban systems, from technology to inclusion to mobility. The series brings together innovators and city builders from across sectors to reimagine urban futures that are equitable, regenerative and prosperous for all.

These events are free and open to the public, with an objective to expose residents and community members to leading thinkers and doers in the area of urban innovation. Find out when the next presentation is.

Past Speakers

  • Turning Spaces into Places with Eric Klinenberg, author of 'Palaces for the People' and Tamika Butler, Toole Design’s Director of Planning for California. Watch the video.
  • Douglas Cardinal, award-winning architect. Watch the video.
  • Anthony Townsend, Author, SMART CITIES: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia. Watch the video.
  • Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development, New York City – Mega Trends for Mega Cities. Watch the video.

b. Exhibits

Community members can experience and interact with the future of city-building through exhibits that transform and breathe life into the former historic kilns, now the TD Future Cities Centre. The Future Cities Exhibits are designed to ignite conversation, accelerate ideas and demonstrate innovations that shape our cities for the better, for everyone. Visitors can learn about the heritage of the TD Future Cities Centre, sustainable practices now in place and experience a mini-showcase of innovations that are being developed to solve challenges faced by Canadians.

Ville d’Avenir

The TD Future Cities Centre will work closely with the second anchor hub in Montreal, Ville d’Avenir at Maison d’innovation sociale to advance a cross-Canadian agenda accelerating collaborative action for Canada’s Urbanization Agenda. Ville d’Avenir at Maison d’innovation sociale will collectively imagine, design and prototype positive social impact projects. Learn more about Ville d’Avenir.