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Learning Networks

We are at an unprecedented moment to transform city building to better serve generations to come. To harness this moment, Canada needs to create a culture of innovation, which requires effective collaboration across sectors and between communities. We need sophisticated collaboration models to establish a common ground, to build partnerships and find solutions in order to move swiftly into action.

Our learning networks generate, curate and share urban research to promote knowledge-sharing and capacity building for urban innovators and city builders. Our learning networks, together with our labs and hubs, create a national network to accelerate innovation.

The Community Solutions Network & Community Solutions Portal and the Future Cities Canada Summit are a few of the projects increasing community capacity to collectively build our future cities.

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Community Solutions Network

The Community Solutions Network is a community-centric platform, serving every type of Canadian community: big, midsized, Indigenous, small and northern.

As the project lead, Evergreen is working with OpenNorth and partners to provide valuable information, learning opportunities and advisory services in key areas of data and technology for municipal and community leaders.

  1. The Community Solutions Network hosts a series of events including Idea Camps, Collision Days and Community Roundtables.
  2. The Community Solutions Portal is a digital hub offering resources and tools to enable inclusive and transformative innovation in communities of all sizes across the country.
  3. The Future Fix is a collaboration between Evergreen and Spacing. The podcast explores how data and tech are transforming communities across Canada. Listen here.
  4. The Data Governance Lab is working with the cities of London, Mississauga and Calgary to design and test a prototype that forwards their local initiatives while building out a data governance framework for reflection, sharing and scaling across departments and geographies. The Lab process will also nurture the development of a data governance Community of Practice that will link participants from across the country into a network of organizations working to further data governance best practices.

    Lab research includes:

The convening and research partners of the lab are Evergreen and MaRS Solutions Lab.

Learn more about this program.

Civic Commons Catalyst

The Civic Commons are the backbone of a city. They exist across Canada as vibrant places such as libraries, schools and community hubs. They often serve the needs of residents, offer public benefits and economic opportunities, and instill a sense of belonging. Civic Commons are shared assets that have the power to foster engagement, equity and prosperity in our cities.

The Civic Commons Catalyst offers an array of programming to support and scale existing civic initiatives, prototype new participatory models, and support resident-led activities.

  1. Civic Commons Catalyst webinars – A monthly webinar series that will feature voices from across Canada exploring some of the most pressing issues, opportunities and interesting work happening around our civic commons.
    Learn more about our upcoming webinar and browse the library of recent webinars.
  2. Civic Commons Lab - The lab provides a space for a small group of place-based civic commons practitioners to problem solve and innovate. Together, the lab participants from across the country will frame a complex problem, prototype solutions and implement and refine them until they are operational. The knowledge captured from the lab’s practice will be circulated to the members of the network.

A Summit session.

Future Cities Canada Summit

The Future Cities Canada Summit is an annual gathering that supports urban leaders to build a more inclusive, sustainable and smarter future for our communities. The Summit showcases exemplary community-led solutions and presents opportunities for learning and networking opportunities.