Our Urban Futures

An empty city street

In the coming decades, unprecedented public and private-sector investments in urban infrastructure and real estate development will transform cities in Canada, and around the world. If managed with foresight and vision, this investment represents a tremendous opportunity to position Canada as a global leader in low-carbon, inclusive city building.

Our Urban Futures convenes infrastructure and real estate experts including planners, agencies and members of local, provincial, and federal government from three urban regions—Calgary, Greater Toronto Area and Greater Montreal—to explore how strategic foresight tools can help Canada invest more strategically in urban development and shape initiatives that create responsive, reliable, and future-ready plans for Canada.

The labs are informed by Deloitte’s rigorous research to outline the scale of infrastructure and real estate investment in the coming decades.

A group of visionary leaders are assembling around this work beginning with Deloitte, Century Initiative and Evergreen. 


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