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A close-up of a person's hands as they write on a Post-it note. Image Credit: Jamie McMillan/Crazy Dames
Image Credit: Jamie McMillan/Crazy Dames


Our resources, from toolkits to research papers, build capacity among city builders to help create flourishing cities that are equitable, regenerative and prosperous.

Building Canada’s Low-Carbon Approach to Infrastructure Investments through Prioritization, Policy and Procurement

A proactive approach is required to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions across government decision-making. The purpose of this report is to provide recommendations for the federal and Ontario governments on the public policies that will drive clean innovation and growth, and provide guidance for investments in sustainable, low-carbon, resilient infrastructure that are aligned with compact, complete community design, provincial growth planning, and that provide economic and community benefits.

How to be Smart(er) in Mid-Sized Cities in Ontario

It is increasingly clear that data and technology are becoming synonymous with city-building. This movement towards “smart cities” will continue to accelerate in the years to come, presenting a critical opportunity and challenge for leaders in communities of all sizes. This paper, written in partnership with Code for Canada, discusses the opportunities for data and technology in Canada’s mid-sized cities, with a particular focus on Ontario.

Future Cities Canada Roadshow Report

From late 2017 to early 2018, Future Cities Canada worked with partners across the country to host a series of roundtable conversations and meetings with municipalities and communities. These meetings gathered insights about the opportunities and challenges facing cities and regions in order to collectively build a vision for equitable, regenerative and prosperous 21st century cities. These conversations from each city are captured in this final document.

We Are Cities Action Agenda

The We Are Cities campaign, an initiative between Evergreen and McConnell Foundation’s Cities for People, engaged thousands of residents, asking them to imagine an agenda for the future of our cities. In the end, this Action Agenda was created to establish the five priority areas for action.

Towards a Civic Commons Strategy

Evergreen and McConnell Foundation joined forces to establish a strategy to strengthen Canada’s civic commons. This report highlights the need for a collaborative infrastructure to accelerate innovation within, and for, Canadian cities.