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December 12, 2018

Future Cities Canada Summit 2018: Presentations from our breakout sessions

Day 2: Breakout Session 1

Strategies for Inclusive Economies

Speakers: Rosemarie Powell, Colette Murphy, David Hulchanski, Daniele Zanotti, Hugo StebenPatience Adamu

Urban Data Done Right

Speakers:Ger Baron, Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi, Bassem Awad, Michelle German, Courtney Doagoo, Eric Rancourt, Pamela RobinsonLan Nguyen

Urban Territories 1: Places for People

Stream 1: Canadian Relationships and Reconciliation for Indigenous Identity and Space, with speakers Suzanne Stewart and Robert Sleeper and Clayton Shirt

Stream 3: Revitalizing an Under-Utilized Ecological Asset in the City, the Don River Valley Park with speakers Doug Bennet and Lisa Ditschun

From Disengaged to Decision-Maker

Speakers: Ryan Lo, Bojan Francuz, Veronika Bylicki, Kristina Smith, Megan Marcoux

Who's Gonna Pay

Speakers: Tonya Surman, Andrea Ruckstuhl, Sara Lyons, Indy Johar, Chris Boivin, Stephen Huddart, Chloe Treger

Day 2: Breakout Session 2

Realizing the Resilient City

Speakers: Christine Arthurs, Elliott Cappell, Grant Ervin, Andrew Salkin, Jeb Brugmann

Housing Us All

Speakers: Rashiq Fataar, LoriAnn Girvan, Hadley NellesGer Baron, Derek Ballantyne

Civic Innovation from the Outside In

Speakers: Shea Sinnott, Stephane Guidoin, Janet MooreGreg Woolner, Brad Badelt, Duane Elverum

Urban Territories II: The Living City

Speaker: Bill Reed

Speaker: Michelle Holliday

Day 3: Breakout Session 1

Future Planning: Infrastructure and Investment

Speakers:  Beth McMahon, John Purkis, Patrick Robinson, Carl Skelton

Doing More, Together

Speakers: Galen MacLusky, Mary Pickering, Vicky Mochama, Chris Cowperthwaite, JP Bervoets

New Rules for New Ways

Speakers: Indy Johar, Chloe Treger, Alex Ryan, Fang-Jui Chang, François Croteau, Patricia Pledge, Audrey Tang, Jonathan Lapalme

Stay tuned to this page for more Summit presentations and check out our videos of the plenary sessions. 
For outcomes, insights and more from our first Future Cities Canada Summit, take a look at our Best of the Summit page. 
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