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Mayor Madeleine Redfern speaks to a crowd at the Future Cities Canada Summit.

April 25, 2019

Canada with a population of 100 million: Q&A with Mayor Madeleine Redfern

In our cities questionnaire, Mayor of Iqaluit, Madeleine Redfern, speaks to the need for national strategies around telecommunications, transportation and housing. For most of the world, communications happens on fiber optics but Iqaluit is completely satellite-dependant. As a result, communications is slower, less stable and more expensive, creating a digital divide, economic divide and a knowledge loss for both northern and southern Canada. However, with investment, Iqaluit is positioned as a unique community to attract people in a changing economy and growing country.

Mayor Madeleine Redfern spoke at the inaugural Future Cities Canada Summit on Imagining Canada with a population of 100 million and was part of the panel discussion Constitution 2.0: Time for Cities to Grow Up.