Potential partner

August 14, 2023

3D Space Terraform Inc.

Contact: Christina Isabelle Goodvin | cgoodvin@gmail.com Preferred language of communication: English

3D Space Terraform has identified 4 major barriers to adoption of 3D construction printing (3DCP) in Canada, first the limited access to printers; second the limited understanding of the design space and capability; third the access to experts in 3DCP; and fourth the limiting perception of concrete – a high carbon intensive and expensive material – as the only printable building material possible. 
In stage 2, we focus on the fourth barrier and show that developing alternative 3DCP materials and techniques using local soils and natural agricultural and forestry waste materials will remove the other three barriers, providing a solid route to mass adoption.

First, we propose a cost feasibility study to compare a 3D printed wall assembly made up of 3D printed clay and 3D printed hempcrete, versus a typical concrete wall assembly filled with expanded foam insulation. Next, we will develop the process of using local materials into an extrusion profile and modeling template for design and printing. Then we will use these extrusions to print prototype assembly designs for testing, individually and in assembly. 

Our final deliverables, in preparation for stage 3, will include material characterization protocols and guides, a universal pilot project design, and an alternative material template to assist in enabling permits and professional engagement to accelerate technology readiness level. 

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