Research Brief

January 15, 2020

A Case for the Circular Economy in the Age of Smart Innovation

Future Cities Canada

This research brief was produced for the Community Solutions Network, a program of Future Cities Canada. As the program lead, Evergreen is working with Open North and partners to help communities of all sizes across Canada navigate the smart cities landscape.

Cities are experiencing a new wave of innovation, driven by emerging practices in governance and participation, new technologies, the availability of data, and new sources and forms of capital investment. As governments modernize, can they catalyse circular economy (CE) efforts?

Examining the Canadian Smart Cities Challenge (SCC) applications, this research paper found that CE thinking was not at the forefront of Canadian municipalities and Indigenous communities who submitted proposals and offers suggestions for ways to enable circular economy thinking throughout the advancement of smart city technology.

This research brief was written by Vickey Simovic, and is an adapta...

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