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August 14, 2023

Arbor Vitae Log Craft

Contact: Robert Savignac | logbob@arborvitaelogcraft.com Preferred language of communication: English

The Norway House Cree Nation (NHCN) has a dramatic need for more homesOur previous log home training programmes successfully delivered new log homes which are the most desirable homes in the community.   
The training also exposed barriers that prevent widespread successful uptake of log house construction — namely that traditional log house methods are slow, difficult, expensive and require each worker to have many skills.

When we showed the advantages of using Accelerated Log Building (ALB), the NHCN agreed this is a solution that will work for their community and enable them to produce new log homes more efficiently. Advancements in log house building techniques — the Accelerated Log Building Method — provide solutions to these barriers. 

The ALB Solution: 
• Streamlines production and eliminates bottlenecks inherent with traditional log construction. 
• Reduces construction costs, making log homes affordable. 
• Brings near-assembly-line efficiencies to the production process. 
Provides training for the smaller and easier skill-sets that ALB uses (i.e., staff specialization).

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