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August 14, 2023

Crow Chateau Corporation

Contact: Kristine Tkachenko | kristine.tkachenko@gmail.com Preferred language of communication: English

Crow Chateau Corporation is leading this project in partnership with JSC Chemical Consulting with support from the University of New Brunswick’s Off-Site Construction Research Centre (OCRC).  

The objective of the project is to revolutionize how we can align with nature in our building designs and methodsBuilt with the locations’ unique landscape and climate into consideration, we incorporate the circular economy into the material selection, both in sourcing building material to construct with, and reuse and repurposing the building at the “end of life”.  Our design provides a pre-engineered approved residential build solution that can be replicated to create multiple unitsAny resident, community, and local government will be able to access the solution for their needs, with multiple build material options to reduce shortage risks, and self-build instructionsThe design utilizes alternative and locally available sustainable materials to encourage wide adoption into residential construction, to create climate compatible housing for each main geographic region in CanadaA base design with adaption modules for climate, community, physical accessibility further our connection with nature in the use of the homes.

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