Potential partner

August 14, 2023

EcoSpex Inc.

Contact: Julie Scarcella | julie@ecospex.com Preferred language of communication: English

EcoSpex, an online platform and design tool, streamlines product selection and reduces costs on affordable housing projects by delivering low-carbon, water, climate change, age-friendly, and dementia products and technologies. It helps design teams and contractors assess which products are cost-effective to meet green building standards and embodied carbon targets. EcoSpex has over 20 partners, including the Alzheimer’s Society of BC, Dementia Services Development Centre (UK), and Housing providers in London, Canmore, Whistler and Prince Edward County; The Cree Nation of Eastmain (through WEDC); NSDA, Diamond Schmidt and Montgomery Sisam Architects; Active Aging Canada; Canada Home Builders’ Association; RDH, Entuitive and MCW Engineering; and Passive Buildings Canada

The project will be implemented in rural Ontario, Québec, and British Columbia. This project aims to provide affordable low-carbon energy efficient, age-friendly, and climate resilient housing in communities with limited resources. 

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