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October 26, 2023

Flexsola International Development Corporation

Solution name: FLEXSOLA Contact: Nicholas Varias | Email: nicholasvarias@gmail.com Website: https://flexsola.square.site/

Flexsola is a modular system for creating adaptable buildings, using patents CA2843797 and
PCT/CA2016/051507. Its essence is a telescopic saddle with guide pins for easy installation of columns and
beams. Parapet post extensions can also be inserted to support various renewable energy devices.
Current housing construction is slow and expensive, wasteful of energy, rigid and unsuitable for the northern
climate. Innovation is desperately needed to address the housing crisis. Flexsola is such an innovation.
Our solution could accelerate construction and reduce costs, especially to the benefit of Indigenous communities
in northern & remote regions. Flexsola has great potential for mass production, expansion, flexibility, expediency,
disassembly, and reuse. It is ideal for affordable housing, especially when urgently needed. It is also effective for
post-disaster, and the military.
By incorporating renewable energy, buildings could produce more electricity than they consume. Furthermore,
they can be located off-grid. Raised above grade to mitigate the effects of flooding, a lot of land can be cleared
and left in its natural state or used for “green” activities.
Flexsola International will partner with Indigenous communities, governments, not-for-profit organizations, and the
building and construction industries to create affordable housing quickly and economically.

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