July 17, 2019

Gaps and Opportunities for Standardization in Open Government Partnership (OGP) Members’ Open Data Catalogs

by James McKinney, Stéphane Guidoin, Paulina Marczak

In order to improve transparency, create social and economic value, and increase the interoperability of open data activities across multiple jurisdictions, it is recommended to use open data standards.

The open data initiatives of Open Government Partnership (OGP) members were reviewed and scripts written to automatically collect, normalize and analyze data from catalogs, in order to both set a baseline and identify gaps and opportunities for standardization. The bulk of this document reports on conducted analysis. The analysis simply states the choices that OGP members have made with respect to each area for standardization; it makes no judgment as to whether these choices are best practices.

The report describes the structure of open data catalogs, metadata, data and licensing and rights.

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