September 27, 2023

Giacomo Valanzia (Bilingual)

Development Manager, Groupe CDH | Location: Quebec

Giacomo works as a Development Manager at Groupe CDH, a non-profit housing developer that has contributed to the creation of over 8,000 social and community housing units in Montreal since 1976. His responsibilities include assessing financial feasibility, searching for funding opportunities, negotiating real estate transactions, interpreting planning and urban design frameworks, collaborating with several stakeholders and coordinating professionals at the development stage. Giacomo’s educational background is in architecture (MArch from the University of Bologna) and urban design (post-professional MArch from McGill University). He is currently completing a Ph.D. in architecture at McGill University, where he is also course lecturer in a planning and design studio joining master-level students from the schools of Architecture and Urban Planning. 

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