Potential partner

August 14, 2023

Ideal Siding Franchising Inc

Contact: Aleksander Filipuk | aliaksandr.filipuk@gmail.com Preferred language of communication: English

Ideal Siding is the largest siding renovation company in Canada with 19 divisions across the country (from Victoria to Halifax). Our mission is that every homeowner in Canada has access to reliable, affordable, and professional siding renovation services.

Our solution is to build pre-designed packages for exterior renovations with a full set of shop drawings, design options and best practices.

What we see happening in the market is very limited knowledge of homeowners of what is possible and what works best when it comes to renovating the exterior of their home. There are two main groups, one is mostly focusing on the simplest and most affordable solutions who do not want to even consider some exterior insulation. The other group is requesting very sophisticated packages which lead to very high pricing and often lead to the project not being done at all. 


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