November 24, 2023

Indigenous climate resilience: Bridging Indigenous Knowledge and Technology

by Evergreen

for the Community Solutions Network

Exploring the critical role that technology plays in addressing climate challenges in the Prairies and Arctic regions

Evergreen and Shared Value Solutions hosted a virtual workshop on November 23, 2023 that delved into the innovative ways Indigenous Nations are championing climate adaptation and building resilience through cutting-edge technology.

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Key Topics Covered:

Indigenous-led Initiatives: Discover inspiring stories of Indigenous Nations taking the lead in creating sustainable solutions to combat climate change.

Technological Innovation: Explore the latest advancements in technology that are being harnessed to safeguard Indigenous communities against climate-related threats.

Collaboration and Cooperation: Learn how collaboration between Indigenous Nations, municipal governments, the private sector, and not-for-profits is driving climate resilience projects forward.

Regional Focus: Gain insights into the distinct challenges and opportunities faced by Indigenous Nations in the Prairies and the Arctic.

This workshop was for Indigenous leaders, municipal government officials, private sector representatives, and not-for-profit organizations with a shared commitment to addressing climate change and building resilient communities. It provided an opportunity to engage with experts and thought leaders in the field and to be a part of a vital conversation that impacts the future of our environment and our communities.

Speakers for this event included:

The Community Solutions Network is a program of Evergreen. The Network is designed to help communities build service area capacity and improve the lives of residents using data and connected technology approaches. This program is funded by the Government of Canada.

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