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August 14, 2023

Innofibre – Cégep de Trois-Rivières

Contact: Nicholas Joyal | nicholas.joyal@cegeptr.qc.ca Preferred language of communication: French

Innofibre offers a new innovative, multipurpose, and sustainable prefabricated construction system which respects nature and people. Nature provides us with many simple solutions that need to be applied using a systemic perspective that takes into account external factors including societal, environmental as well as economic. Innofibre has been developing bio-sourced materials for a long time and wants to use the results of its research to benefit the construction industry. Through further research into naturally sourced, repurposed, recycled, and recyclable materials, we hope to have a greater positive impact that goes beyond materials. 

Using the principles of the circular economy, design thinking, passive solar architecture, energy efficiency, prefabrication, and architectural technology regulations, we propose a comprehensive concept of new buildings. This concept offers modular housing at low cost, that is easy to transport, and will not only reduce the waste generated at the construction site, but also reduce the waste generated throughout the buildings’ life cycle.

Reducing the cost of materials, energy consumed, and labour will allow for the creation of affordable housing that is environmentally sustainable and meets the needs of residents. 

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