January 9, 2023

Innovation 7

Innovation 7 builds reconciliation-focused partnerships with clients across all business sectors. Indigenous culture, knowledge, and socio-economic interests are woven into everything they do. 

I7 envisions a diverse, inclusive Canada where all Peoples have an equal opportunity to achieve a high quality of life and is committed to serve as a trusted advisor for the advancement of Reconciliation through education, equitable partnerships and socio-economic growth. 

Their key services, processes, and frameworks inspire a sense of confidence that no matter how complex the situation, they’ll find innovative solutions.  Innovation 7 supports its clients in six areas including Project Management and Implementation. Innovation 7 offers extensive expertise in project conceptualization, business case development, strategic procurement and contracting.  

About the Advisors 

Dale Booth 

Dale Booth is the Owner and President of Innovation Seven. Dale provides 25 years of senior level expertise in facilitation and Indigenous Engagement, with a specialization in Advisory Services and Subject Matter Expertise to the public and private sector, and Indigenous Communities across Canada.  Dale has a demonstrated strategic insight and ability in the areas of corporate development, community planning, operational and financial management. Throughout the Northern Access Round Stage 1, Dale managed the I7 team, providing contract and project oversight, quality assurance, relationship management and advisory, and leading client relations. He assisted the team in supporting applicants to develop their concepts through desktop research, determining application eligibility, completion of proposals, and coordinating partnerships. His years of expertise allow him to ensure that applicants are provided with high-quality, valuable support. 

James (Jamey) Burr 

James (Jamey) Burr has over 30 years of housing experience and a professional designation in Urban and Regional Planning. He has extensive experience delivering consulting services to all levels of government, voluntary sector organizations and Indigenous communities. His areas of focus include partnership strategies, innovative procurement, business planning and economic development, affordable housing, capital infrastructure planning and procurement, and alternate service delivery. Jamey has worked with Indigenous organizations and all levels of government to develop new funding initiatives, explore and implement innovative approaches, and build partnerships to improve the well-being of Indigenous communities. 

Vincent Kayseas 

Vincent Kayseas holds 10+ years of project management and administration experience working in Canada’s construction, oil & gas, and technology industries.  His experience working with First Nations partners and stakeholders at all levels has provided him with solid communication and coordination skills. Vincent is proficient in analyzing project information to make informed decisions and recommendations while paying close attention to detail and confidentiality. 

Brayden Krusch 

Brayden Krusch is a Market Expansion Coordinator with Innovation Seven. Brayden is a performance-driven entrepreneur with a deep passion for business management, environmental start-ups, and identifying niche market opportunities. He possesses the ability to work and remain calm under pressure, owed to his many years’ experience in fast-paced and dynamic environments. Additionally, Brayden has experience in several First Nations communities, and has held and maintained successful and bountiful relationships with Indigenous Peoples through his work. Brayden understands reciprocal relationships and strives to continue to bring that forward into his work with Innovation Seven. Throughout the Northern Access Round Stage 1, Brayden assisted applicants in determining application eligibility, completion of proposals, coordinating partnerships between applicants, and performing desktop research to support the development of applicant concepts. Brayden’s strong communication and teamwork approach have been beneficial when interacting with applicants and providing tailored support.  

Audrey Nerino 

Audrey Nerino is a consultant with Innovation 7. Audrey holds an Honours, Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree from Lakehead University with a major in Geography. She has three years of experience working with various Indigenous partners and stakeholders across multiple projects related to infrastructure, energy, and social development. Throughout the Northern Access Round Stage 1, Audrey assisted applicants in determining application eligibility, completion of proposals, coordinating partnerships between applicants, and performing desktop research to support the development of applicant concepts. Audrey has a propensity for writing and excellent written and oral communication skills, enabling her to provide valuable advice and support to applicants.   

Cassidy Herman 

Cassidy Herman is an Indigenous engagement coordinator and consultant with Innovation seven. Cassidy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Ottawa, with a Major in Indigenous Studies, Minor in Anthropology. She has collaborated extensively on various projects and other experiences with Indigenous partners and various Stakeholders over the past three years. Previously, Cassidy has assisted in the completion of the Northern Access Round Stage 1 application proposal process where she acted as a resource to determine application eligibility, assist in proposal completion through the development of workplans and review sessions, coordinate partnership opportunities, and perform contextual desktop research for specific applicant needs. Cassidy takes pride in her interpersonal skills and stives to ensure all applicants needs are met in a timely manner.   

Dasan Dolan-Booth 

Dasan (“Dawson”) is a member of the Ojibwa Naotkamegwanning First Nation, a Treaty 3 community in Northern Ontario. Dasan has joined Innovation 7 through a successful training program with Kagita Mikam to gain professional experience in Indigenous research and working with Indigenous northern communities on the Northern Initiative Ideas Program (NIDP) with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Dasan functioned as an NIDP representative by supporting and coaching applicants through the NIDP process, increasing the number of successful applicants moving on to the next phase. Dasan possesses a gifted talent in calming the waters in difficult situations, beginning with his first paying job as an OSU soccer Referee. This skill followed him to the Algonquin College Bookstore where he embarked on Customer Service in a culturally diverse environment. Dasan has exceptional self-learned technical knowledge, that not only led him to building his own computers as a hobby, but also enabled him in assisting the bookstore with updating inventory cataloging. Educated in French, Dasan appreciates every opportunity to keep up his oral practice, as well as his strong customer service skills to uncover great ideas for the North. Dasan is passionate in his historical research of Indigenous people and embarking on a career to apply and build on his abilities to impact his people for another 7 generations. 

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