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August 14, 2023

Innovation Building Group (2016) Ltd.

Contact: Rod Nadeau | Info@Tier5Building.ca Preferred language of communication: English

As our buildings need to achieve an ever-growing set of performance objectives, we should reconsider how we approach design and practice more incrementalism. Innovation Building Group has succeeded to build low cost, de-risked, climate resilient buildings by continuing to improve with each project we undertake. We have encountered and solved a number of unintended consequences that come from changing practices, and using new materials and systems that we happily share with others in the industry. We want to share even more by giving away our prescriptive building solution and show a simple approach to design and develop high-performance buildings anywhere in Canada.

We propose to develop an open source library of designs based on our proven approach to achieve high performance, climate resilient, all electric buildings that cost significantly less than standard construction practices to build and operate. The buildings have been featured by other groups showcasing modelled and actual performance, and affordability. Our goal is to achieve 2030 performance standards at a lower cost than current construction using methods, materials and technologies that are readily available across Canada. The best part is we now have the data and proven performance track record to back up our design and construction process that can be relied upon by other consultants and design teams so that they too can achieve similar results. 

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