July 3, 2019

Intro to AI for Policymakers: Understanding the shift

Brookfield Institute

What does Artificial Intelligence mean in the public policy context?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has benefited from a number of recent technological advances, from increases in processing power to decreases in battery costs, and the explosion of available data. Beyond technical research and commercial opportunities, this transformative technology has the potential to fundamentally alter our society, with enormous consequences. The current speed of development and adoption of AI poses challenges to policymakers seeking to create regulations, use AI applications to improve government operations and service delivery, and better understand and respond to the socioeconomic impacts. What does Artificial Intelligence mean in the public policy context?

This report explores the origins of AI, AI’s present-day capabilities, the challenges and opportunities associated with these technological advances, and their application to public life and public policy. It is the first in a series produced by the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship on the public policy implications of AI.

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