February 22, 2023

Jordan Harker

Architectural Technologist/Building Technologist. Northern Design & construction.

Jordan Harker is an Architectural Technologist/Building Technologist and long-time resident of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. He brings over 15 years of experience in residential/commercial design and construction management, drawing from his multifaceted role in owning and operating a residential real estate development company that focused on designing and building multifamily developments in the North. His work experience also includes: project management, building envelope detail design specializing in cold weather construction, production of construction drawings, project cost estimating, and operation of a residential design/build studio. 

Jordan has a demonstrated passion for design and construction in the North with a strong focus on practical design and cold weather construction practices. He understands through experience the many challenges related to building and developing in the North, as well as the potential for new and innovative housing solutions, with a growing interest in prefab, modular and sustainable housing design and construction.  

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