Potential partner

August 18, 2023

Maxwell Building Consultants Ltd.

Contact: Peter Maxwell | pmaxwell@maxwellbuilding.co Preferred language of communication: English

There has been increasing interest among various levels of government to facilitate density in existing neighbourhoods. This is sometimes called the missing middle or gentle density. This type of density can offer options for a wider variety of housing within established neighbourhoods and help to support schools and transit in areas with flat or declining population due to falling average household size. With the passing of Bill 23 in Ontario, all residential lots can now be used for up to 3 dwelling units.

Maxwell Building Consultants is seeking an urban infill solution which can be used on most residential lots, can be developed quickly, has minimal parking requirements, is energy efficient, and delivers an affordable price point for small households. We feel that our Micro Studio Midrise design is this solution. It offers compact living space for small households with efficient use of land and city infrastructure at an affordable price.

The building combines high tech micro studios into a triplex format with limited access common space on each floor for expanded cooking and living space along with laundry and outdoor space. Think of the concept as vertical tiny homes applied on a larger scale and at a more affordable price. 


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