Activity Book

September 5, 2023

Mindfully Outdoors Activity Book

Activity Book Cover


Just like it’s important to take care of ourselves to stay healthy, it’s important for us to take care of nature so plants and animals have a healthy place to live and grow.

Spending time in nature makes us feel good. A breath of fresh air, space to play and the green
plants and trees all help keep us healthy. Being out in nature makes our bodies stronger and our minds calmer and more alert! It helps us use our imaginations and be more creative all while learning about the plants and animals making up the wild community outside our doors.

You can find nature anywhere! It’s outside your window, along your street, in your neighborhood park, in your school yard and in the valleys and trails weaving through your city. Using your five senses and your creativity, these activities will help you connect with the nature that is all around you. Remember, you belong outdoors!

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