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August 14, 2023

Monument Architecture

Contact: Étienne Bourque-Viens | etienne@monument.archi Preferred language of communication: French

Monument Architecture offers a solution that addresses the challenges of housing access and affordability by gently densifying already existing urban areas of low to average density. This also allows us to tackle climate issues by halting urban sprawl and maximising existing infrastructure.

We offer owner-occupiers of multiplexes or single-family homes the possibility of adding one or multiple dwellings to their residence, whether to house a family member with diminishing autonomy or to generate additional rental income. We do this by building additions (lateral, rear, additional level) while remaining within the zoning regulations that still limit the addition of detached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU).

To make this model accessible and appealing, we work with prefabricated volumetric modules, creating a solution that is fast, economic, and ecological. There is no other model of this kind because most additions are unique custom projects. Instead of fulfilling one specific single order, our approach seeks to present a number of additions that can be adapted to the main existing urban types, taking into account specific zoning requirements (number of housing units, maximum heights, margins, etc.). 

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