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August 25, 2023

My Climate Toolkit

Cover of My Climate Toolkit shows laptop, microscope, person, lightbulb and leaf vector images


Climate Change Activities for Secondary School Students

The global climate crisis can feel intimidating, overwhelming, or unsettling. This is particularly the case for many young people, who are experiencing high levels of eco-anxiety – extreme concern about the health of the planet in the face of climate change.

This resource is written for Secondary School Educators and contains four multi-part modules for students in Grades 9 to 12 to guide them in building their understanding of the impacts of climate change at the personal, community, and global levels. Students will also build on essential skills and ways of thinking which empower them to contribute to climate solutions and other forms of social change. By completing these activities, students will develop a deeper sense of empathy for themselves, others, and the planet.

The activities contained in this resource connect with diverse areas of the Ontario Curriculum, challenging students to develop their creative, critical, and cross-disciplinary thinking and problem-solving skills, and preparing them to be leaders and changemakers as they pursue post-secondary studies and employment.

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