Potential partner

August 14, 2023

Open House Real Estate Inc

Contact: Mike Elsey | Mike@OpenHouseRealEstate.ca Preferred language of communication: English

Our solution aims to increase affordability of home ownership by creating new rental units while modernizing existing properties and optimizing efficiencies. Our approach streamlines permit applications and removes bottlenecks for labour and materials while promoting sustainable upgrades throughout property ownership. 

Open House Real Estate is a unique Real Estate brokerage that digitizes the listing process, capturing every detail in a comprehensive database. Leveraging lending products and service providers, we offer modernization and retrofitting opportunities for home buyers and owners, enabling them to add units, improve efficiencies, and meet legal requirements while focusing on affordable solutions.   

Our comprehensive platform drastically reduces the costs of selling real estate while increasing home buyers’ purchasing power. Initially, we will focus on Tract housing, w/plans to expand once established. We believe in a more ethical, efficient, transparent, and cost-effective real estate process. 

Our partners include lending institutions, legal services, service providers, and material suppliers, who will work in synergy with us to provide exceptional service to buyers, sellers, owners, landlords, and tenants. Our platform works as a hub for our service providers, collecting property and client information while sharing it w/service providers to ensure exceptional service and efficiency. Join us in revolutionizing home ownership. 

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